Will you be my Accountability Buddy?

Any accountability is better than no accountability

Agree on a consistent schedule

  • Daily?
  • Once a week?
  • Weekly on Monday to set goals, and Friday to report on progress?
  • Anything less frequent typically reduces the effectiveness of the relationship.

Outline a basic framework for meetings

  • Top-3/primary goal(s) for the day/week
  • How did you do with yesterday/last weeks goals?
  • Challenges/things you’d like to learn.
  • Fun fact/teach each other something new.

Use punishments

  • They need to be painful enough to incentivize you to follow-through.
  • They shouldn’t be false punishments that have an element of “feel good”
  • e.g. I’ll donate $10 to a charity if I fail to hit that goal (it might actually reverse the effect).
  • You can make them fun but embarrassing:
  • e.g. Shave off your eyebrows, dress in-side out the whole day, donate to a cause that you’re against (anti-vaxxers etc.)
  • You can create a punishment jar with your accountability buddy to spice things up. Randomly draw a punishment from the jar if you don’t hit your goals to really challenge yourself and avoid making excuses.

But be flexible

Teach each other something new

Challenge each other

  • To think bigger.
  • To stretch your goals/metrics.
  • To go outside your comfort zone and try new things.

My challenge to you



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